Before starting work on the design-related project, it is crucial to agree on all the key points of cooperation, as well as to provide the necessary information to the designer. This approach can guarantee obtaining a high-quality result, avoiding unnecessary stress and misunderstandings.

We have prepared a short checklist with information that is obligatory to provide before the work starts:

  1. The project description.
    Give the designer a complete description of the end result or the changes needed (for example, when creating a new company logo, improving your website to attract new customers, or developing a unique product package).
  2. Materials.
    Prepare and provide all the materials you have so that the designer can get more details about your company, product, or service. It can include logos, photos, websites, marketing materials, color schemes, etc.
  3. Target audience.
    Share with the designer the data about whom the project is aimed at/intended for if you possess it (for example, if you need to create a website, it is important to specify the target audience - age groups, interests, needs, geographic restrictions, etc.).
  4. Competitive advantage.
    Represent what makes your product unique. If there are competitors, point out their weaknesses and what makes your product or service better.
  5. Deadlines.
    Estimated time of arrival (ETA) should be discussed straight away. You as a client have to define when you need to receive the finished project. Consequently, it will help the designer plan the work and provide milestones so you can always be in the loop.
  6. Expectations.
    Express your design expectations. If you have your own ideas, feel free to give the designer samples or suggestions for using specific colors, shapes, and other details. Also, send website references that you like - it will assist the designer to assess the scope of work more precisely and understand the end result well.
  7. Budget.
    Specify the budget allocated for the project. This will help the designer choose the best solutions within the limits of the available funds.

Save this checklist for the future and be sure that following these recommendations will bring a great result that meets your expectations.

And if you are looking for a designer who will bring your vision to life, then contact us, and we’ll be able to assist.