Numerous studies of various work aspects claim that an employees’ workplace has a direct impact on their productivity.
Currently, many employees of the digital field work remotely, where, of course, there are many factors that can absorb attention and prevent concentration.

What should be taken into account when organizing your workplace so that working from home does not turn into a challenge?

You need to think over the following points:

  • Workspace organization.
    Think about the best location for your desktop. It is desirable to have a separate room, but if the room is shared, then there should be a private place without any visual garbage in the form of boxes, toys, etc. When creating a workplace, you should avoid a direct action of the air conditioner to protect yourself from catching cold.
  • Lighting.
    It is advisable to place the workplace near a window so that there is more natural light than artificial. Natural light is considered to be more comfortable for perception.
  • Air and its humidity.
    The ability to ventilate the room allows you to get rid of carbon dioxide, the accumulation of which affects productivity and can make you sleepy. You can install a humidifier that will prevent your eyes from watering and feeling severe discomfort from working with the monitor.
  • Ergonomics.
    Take into account the material which your table is made of. It should not use the materials that are unpleasant to touch, such as glass, wood is more preferable. Regarding the chair, the main requirement is its comfort. There should be lumbar support, mechanisms for adjusting the handles, the height of the headrest and the chair itself. If you are interested in working while standing, consider the options of tables with height adjustment or some table types that will allow you to lean on it.
  • Storage space.
    This is important if you need to keep books or other work materials within your reach. You can arrange some shelves on the wall and cabinets next to the table. The distance should be comfortable so that you can easily take the things you need.
  • Sound insulation.
    Even in noisy environments, headphones or earplugs can save you.
    Ideally, of course, as indicated in point 1, this is a separate room for work.
  • “Getting closer” to nature.
    You can complement your workplace with plants, as they have a positive effect on mood and can promote relaxation. However, choose those that do not cause allergies.
  • Comfort.
    You can place motivational cards, photos with family or friends, etc. on your desktop. This will add a cozy atmosphere to your workplace.

Now the workplace is ready! Of course, an ideal workplace is not enough. You need to properly organize your work flow.

Flow is always individual, but here are some tips you can consider improving your performance:

  • Keep a workplace with a minimum of things.
    Accumulated garbage on the work surface often distracts and grabs your attention.
  • Perhaps it is a debatable question, but if you work in sneakers, it creates a psychological impression that you are not at home.
    For some people, wearing more formal shoes can help create psychological focus at work and increase motivation.
  • No sweet snacks on the desktop!
    The presence of candy or cookies will make you absorb it faster and not only gain weight, but also distract you.
  • Plan your day.
    Making a list of tasks for the day, setting deadlines, making reports on the work done - 100% disciplines and helps you to be more productive.
  • Do not forget about rest.
    Short breaks, five-minute exercises will help you stretch and switch your attention. Also, it is useful to go out to get some fresh air several times a day.

A comfortable workplace is a necessary condition for successful work. An investment in comfort is an investment in health, which increases your work efficiency and improves your well-being.