An essential tool for effective teamwork in any project is a task management system, facilitating task distribution and progress monitoring.

The key benefits of utilizing a task management system include:

  • Effective Planning.
    The system provides a clear display of the number of tasks and the allocated time for their completion.
  • Task and Progress Management.
    It allows task allocation, prioritization, progress monitoring, and timely delivery. Additionally, users can leave comments, attach files, and view comprehensive reports.
  • Workload Tracking and Evaluation.
    Effortlessly monitor team workloads to distribute tasks evenly and evaluate performance.
  • Effective Communication.
    Displaying and setting deadlines, assigning responsible team members, adding new members, exchanging comments, leaving feedback, and receiving notifications facilitate seamless communication and event awareness.
  • Time Saving.
    Centralized management and automation capabilities save time.

The choice of a task management system depends on the project’s specific needs and client requirements. There are numerous tools available, and at JSN, our preferences lean towards Trello and JIRA.


Trello operates as a Kanban board for project collaboration. Users can select templates, add lists and cards, create checklists, incorporate custom fields, assign responsible team members, and set deadlines. Additionally, it supports file attachments, links, color markers, and process automation.


JIRA is a software development management tool enabling the creation and customization of boards for each project.

It facilitates convenient work with Kanban and Scrum methodologies. The Kanban board features customizable columns representing project development stages. For projects using the Scrum methodology, tasks are initiated in the Backlog section, and progress can be monitored on the board once the sprint begins.

JIRA also allows the addition of subtasks, tracking blockers, dependencies, assigning performers, tags, deadlines, attachments, and viewing activity history. It provides a comprehensive solution for time tracking, workload control, and progress monitoring, with additional features for issue tracking, status transitions, and integrations with other services.

From our experience, employing task management tools systematizes work, saves time, streamlines processes, and enhances team efficiency.