Nowadays, there is a tendency that a lot of international businesses of any level prefer hiring developers in Ukraine as they find them highly experienced and reliable.

Outsourcing software development to trustworthy programmers abroad allows to save time and cost and get a perfectly crafted quality solution.

1. Ukraine has a large resource of talented software professionals. According to DOH there are 200,000+ IT specialists in Ukraine.

2. Every year more than 20,000 software engineers join this workforce.

3. IT market in Ukraine is oriented tо outsourcing resources for the EU and US clients providing a full variety of services and growing for more than 30% every year.

4. Almost all Ukrainian developers speak English fluently or at least on the upper-intermediate level what makes the communication with clients smooth and efficient.

5. The Ukrainian timezone is GMT +2 (winter time) / GMT +3 (summer time), so working hours fully or partially overlap a business day start of the most EU countries or Middle East, while US customers mostly get in touch with their Ukrainian teams in the early morning or in the late evening.